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Project management

Our Practice Manager

Project management is integral to our work, and Footprint Ecology staff have a range of relevant skills. At the core is our Practice Manager, whose overall project management remit allows other members of the team to focus on technical elements of the work in hand. For each contract, she ensures that staff with the appropriate knowledge, skill and experience plus all necessary resources are in the right place at the right time.

The Practice Manager schedules projects into our work calendar, tracking milestones to ensure each project is progressing according to plan and budget. She manages risk (both H&S and any risk to the successful completion of the project) and checks that end products are produced on time and to a high quality, that related documentation is completed and returned and that contracts are satisfactorily closed.

Project leaders

Each contract also has a project leader, who provides technical direction. The project leader works closely with the Practice Manager, identifying the best team for each project, planning, allocating tasks and managing any changes to the project. The Practice Manager and project leader share responsibility for building relationships with clients and stakeholders.

The project leader maintains communications concerning technical matters, whilst the Practice Manager acts as a single point of contact for any administrative issues. Project leaders liaise closely with the client to check that each project delivers the required product for the client and meets the project's specifications.

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