Our Skills

Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

GIS is a fundamental aspect of the consultancy work we undertake. It features in almost every project and is used in a wide range of contexts, from simple mapping within reports to stand-alone GIS projects dealing with complex spatial analysis.

Facilitation & consensus building

Meaningful and inclusive consultation is a vital part of ensuring that appropriate decisions are made in situations where stakeholder participation is appropriate, for example in the management of common land.


Communication is a key skill in all aspects of our work and is something we take pride in. We are skilled in multiple forms of communication, in the form of written reports and reviews, compilations of annotated maps, and illustrated fact sheets or leaflets. We also regularly deliver presentations and webinars, can host teleconferences and of course attend many face to face meetings to discuss ideas.

Scientific analysis

Robust data analysis is important to underpin decision-making. Real-world data is often noisy and trends are rarely obvious, yet through careful analysis it is possible to pinpoint key issues and answer fundamental questions. Data analysis is one of Footprint Ecology’s core skills and is integral to much of our work.

Natural history

At Footprint Ecology we have a shared love of the natural world and a desire to protect and enhance it. We have many decades of combined experience, through personal interest, training and work.

Project management

At Footprint Ecology we recognise the importance of skilled project management in completing projects to a high standard and on time.

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