Climate change

Sustainability and climate change are expanding areas of our work. We recognise that a wider set of sustainability issues underlies many conservation challenges, and that the nature conservation sector needs to play a significant role in addressing these.

Climate change is considered to have potentially the biggest impact on our ability to establish the coherent and resilient ecological networks needed to support wildlife. There is increasing need to address its implications in conservation land management planning. Sustainability and climate change issues have therefore been an important element of many projects we have carried out. For example:

  • Lake et al. - 2011 - Avon Valley Grazing Project
    An assessment of the effect of future changes in climate and sea level on the flood meadows within the Avon Valley including predictions of the future of farming in the valley
  • Underhill-Day et al. - 2009 - Water level management plan to restore floodplain
    A water level management plan for the lower Frome and Piddle Valleys in Dorset which incorporated expected changes in flood patterns as a result of changes in rainfall over time.
  • Liley et al. - 2011 - What do we know about the birds and habitats of th
    The possible impact of managed realignment on the North Kent Marshes SPAs - a desk based study to collate data and literature on the subject for Natural England.
  • Cruickshanks et al. - 2013 - CORDIALE mapping field trial, climate change resil
    Communicating landscape connectivity issues to farmers within the Dorset AONB with the aim of reducing fragmentation to better resist the effects of climate change.

We have also carried out projects directly addressing sustainability issues, for example:

  • Cruickshanks, K. et al. - 2010 - Prioritising areas for woodfuel according to biodi
    Prioritising areas for woodfuel based on biodiversity indicators, woodland resource and woodfuel markets for Butterfly Conservation.
  • Lake and Cruickshanks - 2013 - Wild Purbeck Nature Improvement Area Making heath
    Making heathland management arisings saleable for the Wild Purbeck Nature Improvement Area.

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