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Footprint Ecology Training

Our next training course will be Introduction to QGIS, being an introduction to Geographical Information Systems in general and the free software Quantum GIS in particular.The course is being held in Dorset on 30th September 2016. Other autumn courses are Disturbance to Birds on 14th October, and Counting Visitors on 18th November. For more information contact us on or ring Fenella on 01929 552444.


Footprint Ecology

Welcome to Footprint Ecology's website.  Established in 2005, Footprint Ecology is an ecological consultancy providing top quality conservation advice and training with a sound scientific basis. We are a small, flexible and highly motivated team with a passion for ecology, conservation and natural history.  We contribute directly to resolving nature conservation issues in a way which works for our clients and is to the highest professional and ethical standards.  We will only undertake work which meets these criteria.

Our Publications and Downloads page gives examples of reports and papers derived from projects we have completed.

Please contact us if you would like to explore how Footprint Ecology can work with you.



Our logo

The Footprint Ecology logo represents contact between people and nature in a way that meets the needs of both. The green and the grey symbolise natural and artificial environments, and the bare feet resonate with the idea of “treading lightly on the earth”. Our logo was designed by Rob Still


Contact us

You can contact us through the website, or by telephone on
01929 552444, or by email :